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Our mission is to support you in finding ways to nourish your body AND your mind, while incorporating all of the foods that bring you joy.

We use a gentle, non-diet, weight-inclusive, and refreshing approach.

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Pick what fits.

We also offer group wellness nutrition workshops, both in-person and virtually.

Is this you?

Have you lost the joy of eating? Are you tired of restricting foods (especially the ones you love), adhering to ‘food rules’, counting calories, weighing yourself, and doing exercises that you dread? If so, it's time to try a new and refreshing approach.

Jenna’s caring and compassionate nature creates a comfortable and nurturing environment. Her ability to share knowledge and help shape a positive relationship with food is unmatched.

A collaborative approach to care

We recognize that so many factors influence our food choices, eating behaviours, and our weight. It is not a simple equation. This is why as Registered Dietitians, we so often collaborate with other regulated health care professionals in Ontario, such as social workers, psychotherapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Working together helps offer highly supportive, comprehensive care. Reach out to us if you would like to be connected with trusted care providers in the area. We would be more than happy to refer!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Our office location will be moving from downtown London to North London (Hyde Park), starting September 1st.

We will be located inside of the TMC Medical Centre at

990 Gainsborough Road, London Ontario.

Stay tuned for more details!

Jenna is an inclusive, holistic, and compassionate practitioner. From the first phone conversation, I could sense her warmth and supportive nature. Working with Jenna has allowed me to give myself the grace I needed and deserved when it comes to nourishing my body. She empathetically holds space for the challenges that arise with leading a busy life and managing stress. Jenna has shared some delicious, easy, and nutritious recipes that I keep coming back to. She is open minded and believes firmly in her clients guiding the sessions with their own goals. Above all, Jenna treats her clients as human first, without judgment, and leaves ample room for honesty, something I value tremendously.

— J.H


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